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  What are men's watch trends in 2019?

If you are looking for some ideas before you buy a man's watch, you probably

want to know what the men's watch trends are in 2019.


After all, while you do not have to buy a watch that is in fashion, it is still good

to know what current trends are before you start shopping for one.


Traditional or modern -- You do not have to narrow it down to either traditional

or modern in 2019, as watch trends for men's watches tend to include both.

You can narrow it down for yourself before you start looking, though. Just so

you do not waste your time on watches you really do not want.


Blue dials -- Every year, there tends to be one color of watch that is more popular

than any other. In 2019, that color is blue.


The most fashionable men's watches this year then tend to be in darker shades of

blue, and also have a blue band and blue accents.


Vintage-style watches -- While it does not matter if you like modern watches,

if you do want to be really on trend in 2019, one of the big trends is vintage style



This means you can either pick up a modern watch that is designed to look vintage,

or actually look for old watches online.


Smart watches are losing favor -- Not surprisingly, smart watches are nowhere

near as trendy as they were just a couple of years ago. Not after many people figure

out the face was too small to ever make it comfortable or convenient to use, and

what a smart watch could do was actually quite limited.


If you like smart watches, go ahead and buy one. If you want to be on trend in men's

watches in 2019, however, these are not the watches to buy.

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